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Paul Egan, Jeffrey Moore, Christian Schunn, Jonathan Cagan, Philip LeDuc
The finding of such laws provides insight for how patterns emerge in stochastic mechanochemical systems, while also informing understanding and engineering of complex biological systems .
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Complex biological systems consist of many parts that interact in non-obvious ways.
The method for finding a unified scaling expression using an agent-based simulation approach is extendible to describing emergent laws in a variety of similar complex biological systems .
The unified expression would greatly aid in predicting mechanisms of complex in vivo biological systems while enabling rapid prototyping of myosin-based technologies [12].
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Daifeng Wang, Koon-Kiu Yan, Cristina Sisu, Chao Cheng, Joel Rozowsky, William Meyerson, Mark B. Gerstein
We studied Loregic’s ability to characterize gene regulation in both small and complex biological systems .
Yeast (S. Cerevisiae) constitutes a small but well-studied biological system .
By contrast, human cancers are much more complex biological systems and we use them to illustrate how Loregic can accommodate many different types of regulators (e.g.
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